pointe shoe fitter reacts to BALLET TIKTOK 28

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To those who are new here, welcome to Josephine vs. the Ballet Internet.

In this series, we tackle a myriad of topics pertaining to ballet with our favorite pointe shoe fitter, Josephine Lee! 

In this video, you'll see beautiful pointe shoes, commentary on ballet donors, the cutest baby ballerina, some interesting costuming choices, and of course, dead pointe shoes too.

Part of the lore of this series is cups - which is markedly not in this episode. 

In the second Tik Tok reaction video, we saw that our audience commented about cups on tik tok. This is a bit where people - dancers and non dancers alike - put cups on the toes and attempt to stand on pointe.

No, it's not a pointe shoe hack.

And usually, it's terrifying because this is a bonafide way to get injured. 

Luckily, in THIS episode, no such trauma :) 

At least, for now!

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