Josephine can't watch Dance Academy

dance dance academy pointe pointe shoe fight pointe shoe fitter Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts the pointe shop

Ah, Nutcracker season....

Can you hear the Overture as everyone is giddy on stage?

Can you hear the nuts cracking?

Can you hear the pointe shoes snapping?

Well, Josephine certainly can in this week's video.

We return to another fan favorite: Dance Academy.

This time, a touch more drama with a Season 2 episode.

Tara, Abigail and Grace are in their frenemies era...and Grace is at it again trying to manipulate those around her to get what she wants (friendship? or control? attention?). 

And unfortunately, pointe shoes are involved. Actually - pointe shoes were harmed in the making of this episode!

What do you think? Should we react to more Dance Academy? Let us know in the comments! 

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