Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts to Ballet Tik Toks 33

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Somethings will never change, and that will be the ballet internet creating funny and informative content - albeit, sometimes more of one than the other.

So long as the ballet internet keeps turning, these tik tok reactions will keep on coming.

Fun fact: when producer Jazley Faith filmed this with Josephine, she has no idea that there was a baby on the way. So while standing in a chilly production studio, she was impressed at Josephine's big and emotional reactions. 
About a month later, Josephine would tell the team the news, and it all made sense. So it's interesting editing and watching these videos knowing they are partly fueled by motherly hormones. 

Another thing that remains the same: Josephine's sparkle and awesome facial reactions. 

Which segment was your favorite? The most shocking? What should Josephine react to next?

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