Pointe Shoe Fitting a Prix de Lausanne Winner

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If you've been a long time viewer, you know that The Pointe Shop is first and foremost, a service company. We prioritize the pointe shoe fitting process - it's about the fit, not the brand.

And if you've been with us for a while, you know that our YouTube channel started out with fitting videos. Josephine was the first person to post longer for videos explaining her process as she encountered different types of feet and technique. 

As this channel has grown, the algorithm has made it clear that reactionary content is more popular, but our core is still with fittings. And so, after some time, we have another pointe shoe fitting video with you!

Seehyun is one of 11 winners of the 2023 Prix de Lausanne - arguably the most prestigious ballet competition in the world. And lucky us, not only did Seehyun pick San Francisco Ballet for training, but she's also from Josephine's Korean hometown! 

With so much crossover in the venn diagram, it was so much fun chatting and fitting Seehyun. And of course, watching her performance!

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