RP Collection Akoya | Pointe Shoe Review

Check out the Akoya from RP Collection's newest line of pointe shoes, Sea of Pearls!

The Akoya is the sister shoe to the Encore from RP Collection's previous spotlight collection.

Similarly to the Encore, the Akoya is made on a curved last with a pre-arched construction helping the dancer to get over on their pointe shoes.

The Akoya is slightly more tapered in the box than the Baroque, another new shoe in the Sea of Pearls collection, and has a medium platform and medium crown.

The throat of the RP Collection Akoya is a U-shape with an elastic drawstring.

The side seam of the pointe shoe has a medium height and slopes up slightly toward the heel.

The Akoya has a full shank and comes in three shank strengths: Flexible Soft, Flexible Medium, and Flexible Hard.

The heel in this pointe shoe is much more streamlined than the previous Encore model, creating a sleek line on the dancer's foot.

As with all pointe shoes in the Sea of Pearls collection, the Akoya is made with recycled materials!

This shoe currently comes in sizes 35-44 and widths 2-6.

Watch the full video to hear Josephine's personal opinion on the new RP Collection Akoya!

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