Forced Stretching NEEDS TO STOP

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Most people could not make it to the end of this video.

And to be honest, Josephine couldn't either.

We're ballet lovers here. We love the art, the discipline, the struggle, the beauty, and even the sacrifice.

But with all relationships, where are the boundaries? Are there limits to what we should do to achieve this thing we love?

Our bodies are finite. They are all different, and while flexible to a certain extend, also brittle.

This video features forced stretching that is part of training regiment. 

Hyper mobility is prized for aesthetics in ballet, but it comes at a cost - even for those born naturally with it.

There is too much research, too much science, for young bodies to be pushed like this.

So please, take this as a warning, and if you want to achieve something in ballet, know you have options other than pure suffering. 

We love ballet, but we're not willing to break for it.

The only thing that may break are your pointe shoes of course!

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