Capezio Ava Pointe Shoe Review

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Josephine reviews the Ava and Ava Strong pointe shoes, by Capezio!

Though Josephine has spoken about this shoe before, this is an updated review!

The Capezio Ava is created on a curved last which helps dancers to get over en pointe a bit easier. 

The box of this pointe shoe is quite broad, which makes it easy to balance on! The platform is slightly tilted to help dancers get over the box easily.

The inside of the box of the Ava has a microfiber lining, which can be a bit tough to sew through, but it is moisture wicking and sticks on to your foot better than the traditional canvas lining that many pointe shoes have.

The vamp and the wings of the Capezio Ava are moderate. Not too long, not too short, just right!

The Ava has a U-shape throat with an elastic drawstring.

Though the crown of the Capezio Ava pointe shoes would be considered low in profile, it can still accommodate a pretty generous foot, as the box is quite wide so there is a lot of volume inside the shoe.

This pointe shoe has a biased side seam, which slants upward, creating a long, beautiful line with the dancer's feet and legs.

The Capezio Ava comes in two shank strength: regular and strong. The regular is a softer full shank and the Ava Strong is a harder 3/4 shank.

The heel on Ava is a low cut with a heel counter, to help it keeps its shape and not wrinkle as easily.

Capezio Ava comes in sizes 5-13 and widths N-WW

Watch the full video to hear Josephine's opinion on the Capezio Ava and Ava Strong pointe shoes!

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