Nikolay NeoSmart - Pointe Shoe Review

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Josephine reviews the new NeoSmart pointe shoes by Nikolay!

The NeoSmart is another variation of the SmartPointe! The SmartPointe featured a wider, more generous box and softer shank than many of the previous Nikolay models.

The NeoSmart has a broader box with more room across the metatarsals and generally more volume inside the shoe. This is really great for people with wider feet and, though the 2007 last has been very popular, this new last is much more comfortable for many people.

The box of the Nikolay NeoSmart has been shortened a little bit for better roll through. The vamp in some previous Nikolay models was a bit too long for some people, so this model features a shorter vamp length!

On the inside of the box, there is a super soft lining that makes it very comfortable! This lining makes the shoe fit a little more snuggly, so it may fit a little shorter and narrower than previous models. Be sure to get professionally fitted if you have not worn this model before!

The throat of the NeoSmart is a soft V-cut and features an elastic drawstring. Some of the previous models on this last feature an elasticated binding, rather than a drawstring. Though this works great for some, other dancer found it to slip off their heel, with no option for adjustment. This prompted the drawstring to be added back on in the NeoSmart, so dancers can adjust how tightly the shoe hugs the foot!

The crown of the NeoSmart is medium in profile and is made with Nikolay's miracle glue. This glue is a bit more malleable, allowing the shoe to mold to your foot, so they call this an "adaptable crown".

The waist seam and heel of this pointe shoe are pretty even, and they would both be considered medium to low.

As of now, the Nikolay NeoSmart only comes in two shank strengths: Hard and Reinforced. Careful with the labels though, because this is certainly not a "hard" shoe. The Hard shank is pretty soft and the Reinforced shank is more of a medium strength.

The Nikolay NeoSmart comes in size 2.5-9 and width 1-6.

Watch the video to hear Josephine's full opinion about the Nikolay NeoSmart!

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