5 Brands, 1 Dancer (ThePointeShop 2021 Senior Model Search Winner)

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Josephine fitted our 2021 Senior Model, Keliah, in 5 different brands of pointe shoes for her to try out!

Keliah's type of foot tends to twist in a lot of pointe shoes, because the foot does not sit completely straight in the shoe.

The first pair Keliah tried on was the So Danca Elektra. This shoe has interchangeable shanks, so they were able to try both with no shank and with the shank. It fit Keliah pretty well, but it was just slightly too tapered.

The next shoe they tried on was the Capezio Ava. This shoe looked really good on Keliah, however it was a little too soft, causing her to balance at the front of the platform, instead of in the center.

The third shoe Keliah tried was the Russian Pointe Brava. Though this wasn't a perfect fit, she did look the most supported and stable in this shoe.

Next up, they tried the Freed Studio. This shoe looked pretty nice on Keliah, but it was a little bit too narrow for her, even though they tried the widest available. 

And the last shoe they tried was a Nikolay Stream Pointe. Nikolay is the brand that Keliah already wears, however the Stream Pointe is a newer shoe that she has not tried yet. Though it was pretty soft, the shape of this shoe worked really well for Keliah.

If you are curious about trying other brands of pointe shoes, you can get an appointment with us here!

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