Answering The Most Googled Pointe Shoe Questions (Nike Pointe Shoes?)

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Google auto complete: pointe shoe edition!


Where are pointe shoes made?

All over the world! Pointe shoes are handmade in many different places, such as Australia, Russia, England, Thailand, and New York. 


Where were pointe shoes invented?

The person who is credited with wearing the first pair of pointe shoes in a full ballet production was Marie Taglioni at the Paris Opera Ballet. They were not like the pointe shoes that you see today and she was only able to go up on pointe for a moment.


Where to buy shoes?

At The Pointe Shop... DUH! (p.s. please don't buy pointe shoes from wish!!)


What happens if pointe shoes get wet?

They die! Since the shoe is held together with glue, it will disintegrate when it gets wet. This is why it's a good idea to allow your pointe shoes to dry out after sweating in them.


If Nike made pointe shoes?

It doesn't exist yet, but let us know when it turns up!


Can pointe shoes be recycled?

Not that we know of! If you know of any resources, let us know!!


How to tell if pointe shoes are dead.

Everyone is different! It depends on your own strength and weight. If you're not feeling supported or you're having trouble getting up on your shoes, it might be time to get new ones.


How to tell if your pointe shoes are too small?

If the shoe's length is too small, you will likely feel it in both your heel and your toes when standing on flat.


What to do if your pointe shoes are too big?

Pointe shoes should be fitted like a cast! If you're in between sizes, try changing your padding.


Can pointe shoes damage feet?

Pointe shoes can damage feet if they are not fitted properly and if you do not have the right skill level and strength to dance on pointe.


Can I buy pointe shoes for fun?

NO! Unless it's just for decoration :)


And those are all the burning questions about pointe shoes that are floating around on the internet!

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