Get to the Pointe

5 Things to do Before a Professional Pointe Shoe Fitting

Josephine Lee ballet dance pointe shoe fitting Pointe Shoes What to do before a professional pointe shoe fitting

There are always questions about how to prepare for a professional pointe shoe fitting. We came up with a few things that will make both our lives easier and fittings much more efficient. Here is your check list! 5 things to do before for your professional fitting:1. Make an appointment: Sometimes, we are able to take walk-ins but the wait can be long... Really long... So make sure you call or book your appointment online. This is important especially if you have your own fitter and want to request them specifically (Shout out to my dancers! Love you!). Appointments are...

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Pointe Shoe Fitting

Josephine Lee ballerina ballet dance pointe shoe fitting Pointe Shoes

In this world of mass production, owning a pair of hand-made pointe shoes is an absolute privilege. It is a privilege that is earned through years of diligent training. But dancing in the wrong shoes can not only lea d to a lot of pain, it can lead to dangerous injuries. Just a few decades ago, there were only a few brands of pointe shoes to choose from, but now there are dozens of brands and hundreds of models to fit just about any dancer. There are also many different accessories to help prevent injuries and discomfort (but that's for...

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How to Make Pointe Shoes

Josephine Lee ballerina ballet Capezio Capezio Airess Capezio pointe shoes dance How pointe shoes are made Pointe shoe factory Pointe Shoes

For a dancer, visiting a pointe shoe factory is like visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.Gorgeous shiny pointe shoes all lined up in a row… Is this heaven? Yes. Yes it is. Piece by piece, layer by layer, pointe shoes are constructed from slabs of leather, sheets of burlap and satin into these perfect pink beauties. I visited the Capezio factory in New Jersey last week, and you will not believe the amount of work and dedication it takes to make a single shoe. Here is the basic idea:1. Slabs of leather are stamped out to make the sole of the...

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The Wand Chooses the Wizard

Josephine Lee first pair of pointe shoes Harry Potter magical fit pointe shoe fitting pointe shoes professional pointe shoe fitting

Put your nerd caps on... Remember when Harry Potter went to pick his very first wand? Getting your first pair of pointe shoes is kinda like that. Every foot is unique. You need a different shoe depending on your strength, flexibility, shape and size. That is why it is important to find a professional fitter who has the knowledge and the selection to accommodate every foot. Finding the perfect fit may be a long process, but once you find "the one," it can be quite magical (I know, nerdiest joke ever). Au revoir xoxo Josephine  

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