Pointe Shoe Fitting for Hypermobility

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Being hypermobile and double jointed are NOT the same thing!

This week, Josephine fit Shea Hancock, a freshman dance major at USC Kaufman who is suuuper bendy!

Shea mentioned that growing up, people thought she was just double jointed, but in reality, her hypermobility can be assessed & treated. While these hyperextended lines are often highly sought-after in the ballet world, it can be dangerous and shorten a dancer's career if not taken care of properly.

When fitting people with joints like this, Josephine's number one priority is safety through proper alignment & stability. Having this much range of motion means that way more pressure is put on the joints, so Shea needs a shoe that will help maintain proper alignment. 

Josephine selected a pointe shoe with a bigger platform, higher vamp/wings & harder shank. And since Shea is a college student, Josephine also made sure she was in a shoe that would bend with her foot and not immediately snap so it can last her as long as possible. 

Additionally, Josephine and Shea demonstrated a few movements from the Beighton Scoring System that helps practitioners asses joint hypermobility.

Watch the video to see some of these tests!


For more information on hyper mobility & EDS, check out this link! https://www.ehlers-danlos.com/assessing-joint-hypermobility/

If you're a dancer with hypermobility & want some support or information, check in with our Bendy Bodies team:

Linda Bluestein, M.D. - https://www.hypermobilitymd.com/

Jennifer Milner - https://www.jennifer-milner.com/

Kristin Koskinen, RDN - https://www.eatwellpros.com/

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