Pointe Shoe Fitting for Ingrown Toenails (With Moira Docherty, PT, DPT)

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Josephine fits dance physical therapist, Moira Docherty!

Moira is a physical therapist in Orange County who has tailored her practice specifically toward dancers. She is also one of Josephine's go-tos when it come to referring a dancer to physical therapy!

Moira actually grew up doing gymnastics for many years before she decided to pursue ballet when she was 12. Although many people in the industry would consider this to be "too late", Moira's extensive athletic background served her well as she transitioned to dance.

While Moira's feet and ankles are incredibly strong and stable, Josephine noticed two main things:

1. Moira has gorgeous bendy feet! She needs a pretty hard shoe in order to be supported because she bends the shank A LOT. So pretty!

2. Moira is prone to ingrown toenails because of the direction that her nail grows. While there are different possible solutions to this problem, in Moira's case, Josephine gave her a big toe sleeve, in order to relieve the pressure, without compromising the width of the platform, since Moira has not been on pointe in many years.

Another possible solution for pain from ingrown toenails is to get a narrower or more tapered box so that you are more lifted in the shoe, relieving some pressure in the area of concern. The down side to this is that it makes the platform smaller which could potentially be less stable.

If you have trouble with ingrown toenails, come see us, so we can help you out!

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