Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts to TOE TAPPING

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Ever in a rush from ballet to tap class that you just don't have the time to switch shoes? 

Well, Josephine has discovered a solution for you!

Toe tapping!

In this week's video, Josephine reacts to an old movie that features a vaudevillian dance break featuring a woman and man tap dancing en pointe.

The dancers appear to be wearing pointe shoes that have little taps at the tip of them, and perform gravity defying feats. Since the video is quite old, it's a bit hard to tell much more - but we're interested.

If you or anyone you know has more knowledge about this style and the shoes, please let us know! 

To quote Josephine: "This is so cool. Someone bring this back!" 

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  • Susan Rozelle on

    How can I purchase one set????

  • Doris Hughes on

    In 1953 I took tap on toe. It was very slippery and dangerous. I was in a recital where everyone was dressed as a devil. We had a log fireplace on the stage and everyone had to leap over it. When it was my turn to leap over it, I hit the fireplace .I slid with the fireplace off the stage. The tap on the toe shoe which it was called before point made it very slippery. Thank goodness I didn’t get seriously hurt. But oh how I miss those days. I’m 80 years old now but I always loved ballet.

  • Anne on

    I did this back in the 1990s! My dance teacher was inspired by a routine my cousin and I did en pointe. She thought it would be cool to get taps made for our pointe shoes. She ordered them (Lord only knows where) and we took them to a shoe repair shop to have them nailed on. They are L-shaped so you can tap on the ball of your foot and en pointe.It’s pretty dangerous and I probably have arthritis in my feet now, but it was a blast. I still have my shoes!

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