Why Professional Ballet Dancers Destroy Brand New Pointe Shoes

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Cheese grater and pointe shoes? What?

This week, Josephine reacted to Maria Khoreva's pointe shoe preparation. And yes, it includes a cheese grater.

Khoreva is first soloist of the Mariinsky Ballet in Russia. Even if you didn't know her name, if you love ballet, there's a high chance that you've at least seen her picture.

Josephine was pretty surprised to see that Maria is in a Bloch stock shoe. Often times, professionals will have custom shoes based on stock shoe models. But even with some changes made at the factory level, pro dancers often still manually adjust and make changes on their own. 

Considering how much Khoreva does to her shoes, it makes sense that she doesn't have a custom and does it herself. 

Please note: if you're a dancer in training, do not feel pressured to butcher your shoes. As we know, pointe shoes can be pretty expensive, and dancers on Maria's level are getting shoes from their company. But if you're dancing on your parents' wallet, best to let the shoes die naturally.

That's why you should come in for a pointe shoe fitting. It won't be as customized as Khoreva, but we'll get you in a shoe that won't need so many alterations and will keep you safe while dancing.

What do you think of this professional ballerina's pointe shoe hacks? Comment to let us know!

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