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Josephine reviews the newest pointe shoe from Nikolay/Grishko, the NeoVictory!

The stereotype of Russian made pointe shoes is that they are very hard, narrow, loud, and tapered. The Nikolay NeoVictory is the exact opposite!

The platform on these pointe shoes is very wide and stable! The vamp and wings are quite high as well, so you get a lot of support and easy balance from the box of this pointe shoe.

The inside of the box on the Nikolay NeoVictory has a cushiony microfiber lining for extra comfort! 

The throat of these pointe shoes is a wide U-shape, with an elastic drawstring, so you can tighten it if necessary.

While this is a very generous, high volume box, the crown of the pointe shoe has a medium profile, so there isn't a huge amount of space from the floor to the top of your foot.

The waist seam is a medium height, with a slight swoop up to the heel.

The shank in the NeoVictory is the softest, most pliable shank from Nikolay, for an easy roll through and allows you to show off your arch! You can also custom order this pointe shoe with a reinforced shank, for extra support and longevity.

The heel height is also considered medium, but it is slightly higher than the waist seam of the pointe shoe, creating a really lovely line on the dancer's foot.

The Nikolay NeoVictory goes from width 1-6 and the width 6 is one of the widest shoes on the market, so it's great for dancers with an extra wide foot!

Watch the full video to hear Josephine's personal opinion about the Nikolay NeoVictory!

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