The Crisis in Ukraine & Ballet

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We normally don't talk about politics in ThePointeShop.

But current circumstances moved us otherwise.

"I want to make a distinction between the Russian citizen and Russian politics, because a lot of citizens do not necessarily believe what their government is doing. It's unfair to punish the entire country and unfair to punish individual dancers and artists for being Russian."

And while it may seem silly to talk about pointe shoes in the midst of this conflict, we did want to address the questions and concerns we've been receiving about about pointe shoe supply.

The truth is that the pointe shoe industry has always had supply chain issues, which have been under stress due to the global pandemic. And yes, pointe shoe supply is being further affected due to the conflict between Russia & Ukraine. The most we can do is to continue to do our best to dancers the shoes they need.

Our hearts go out to the dancers and citizens of Ukraine who are being hurt & deeply afflicted by current events. We stand with you and hope the dancers can sometime return to their homes in safety soon.

Support dancers displaced by the conflict in Ukraine: Sources:

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