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We just need to highlight this comment from one of our viewers:

"@TheTimHall" said:

"Ballet Dancer Breaking In A New Car:
- Rips out the seats.
- Jumps up and down on the hood.
- Drives the car down some steps.
- Drives it for 1 day.
- Buy a new car..."


That pretty much summarizes pointe shoes hacks - but thank goodness it's a shoe and not a car! 

This is Josephine's favorite series to react to. It features all the cool little - but sometimes brutal - ways that ballerinas will customize their pointe shoes.

Every person's feet are different, and even between their left and right, there's differences. So on top of the hand made shoes, there's even more handiwork that goes into it to make the shoes as functional as possible.

So yes, pointe shoe hacks are basically surgery. Which clip was your favorite?

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