Rating Household Items as Toe Pads (ft. Bianca Scaglione)

Josephine tries random items as toe pads with dancer and TikToker, Bianca Scaglione!

This week Josephine and Bianca tried using a bunch of random items as pointe shoe toe pads!

They started off with tule, and lets just say, it DID NOT WORK. -1000/10

Next up they gave paper towels a go! This is actually not an uncommon practice among the ballet community, and although they were initially a little skeptical, Josephine and Bianca agreed that paper towels do work pretty well as toe pads!

The next item they tried was bubble wrap. This was inspired by a true story! I guess it works for some people, but this was a no from Josephine and Bianca.

Last, but certainly not least, they tried out maxi pads in their pointe shoes. This idea was pioneered by none other than Bianca Scaglione herself! Though it was a little bulky, this one was definitely a winner! 200000/10



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