Pointe Shoe Fitting the Founder of YAGP, Larissa Saveliev

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If you're into ballet at all, you probably know about YAGP - Youth American Grand Prix - even if you don't know you know about YAGP.

Youth American Grand Prix is the world's largest non-profit international student ballet competition. YAGP holds regional competitions around the world, open to dancers 9-19, giving dancers-in-training stage time, master classes, and most importantly: opportunities to be seen by some of the most prominent figures in ballet. 

You might recognize YAGP from the 2011 documentary, First Position. This film featured YAGP as the vehicle for many hopeful dancers to win scholarships to major ballet companies around the world. Friend of ThePointeShop, Miko Fogarty, was one of these prominent dancers (Josephine has fit her too!)

Behind YAGP is the founder and artistic director of it all: Larissa Saveiliev. Josephine has actually been asking Larissa to make a YouTube appearance for over a year! Why? Because her feet look GORGEOUS in pointe shoes!

Learn some more about YAGP, pointe shoes in Russia, and pointe shoe fitting of course! This is a very special collaboration - you won't want to miss it!

P.S. Wanna know more about YAGP? Be sure to watch our collab video where Josephine asks Larissa about favoritism, and the best way to approach a ballet competition:

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