Pointe Shoe Fitting Model Search Winner (Senior)

Introducing our 2022 Pointe Shop Senior Model, Isabella Graves!

Izzy is a trainee at Milwaukee Ballet, who was home in OC for a little while before the season started. She dropped by our Santa Ana showroom to get refit with Josephine.

Because of her dance load and an old injury, Josephine ended up not only changing the shape and model of her pointe shoe, but also the shank between her two feet.

Changing shank strengths is not an end-all, be-all solution for everyone. Izzy has very specific needs, so even if this sounds and looks like you, it is still the best to get a professional fitting. It is easy to assume from videos that this may be the solution, but just how we don't disclose specific pointe shoe models, we never want to assume the same solution will work for everyone.

Want to get fit by Josephine? You can book a virtual fitting with her here.

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