Pointe Shoe Fitting for Competition | Big Sis Ballet Talk feat. Kathryn Morgan

Your favorite ballet YouTubers are back together!

This week's video features the one and only, beautiful Kathryn Morgan *air horn noises*! 

Josephine and Kathryn were in Tampa, Florida for Youth American Grand Prix Finals (YAGP) earlier in April. Dancers from all around the world gather to compete is classical, contemporary and ensemble categories. Truly the best of the best of pre professionals gather together to be judged by ballet school directors and company professionals. 

Josephine chats with Kathryn and Charlotte about the specific pointe shoe needs that competition brings. Everything is being judged at this level of competition, so having the right fit is even more important.

This video has a sister video on Kathryn's channel - be sure to check it out to hear Kathryn talk more in depth about the judging process!

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