Pointe Shoe Fitting a YAGP Finals Winner

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We went back in time to the 2022 YAGP Finals in Tampa, Florida!

In this video, Josephine got to meet and for the Junior Division's 2nd place winner, Yerin Ok. Yerin is from the Korean Division of Youth Grand Prix, YGP.

While chatting with this gorgeous dancer, Josephine got to see her rehearsal and performance shoes. They're actually the same brand, size, and shank - just a slight difference between models. 

For rehearsal, Yerin wears the Maya. For performance, she wears the Maya Pro. The shoes are basically the same, but her softer and quieter performance shoe is broken in for one class, then saved for the stage. This is a really common practice among pre-professionals and professional dancers alike - as pointe shoes are still handmade and assembled. 

It matters. That's the whole reason why ThePointeShop exists as a business. Pointe shoes, as much as their manufacturing process is streamlined, still have a huge human element in their make and fit. This means that even if it's the same exact shoe in brand, model, size, and specs - the shoes can still feel different. And of course, dancers change. ThePointeShop is your fairy godmother to help mitigate these changes and make sure dancers can be their best on or off stage.

Can you see the difference? Watch and be sure to comment!

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