Pointe Shoe Fitting a Dancer From Ukraine

This week, Josephine fit a dancer from Ukraine named Yeva Hyrtsak.

Yeva is one of over 60 dancers who was displaced from her home due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine. A huge thanks to Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP) for helping her and many other dancers find host homes and overseas dance companies and schools to continue their training.

Yeva is currently a student at the American Ballet TheaterJacqueline Kennedy Onassis School School (ABT JKO). However, she happened to be in San Francisco for a weekend with YAGP, so Josephine got to meet and fit her!

Yeva has actually been in the same pointe shoe for her entire pointe career. And while this shoe looks gorgeous, Josephine had her try a new shoe for the first time in 9 years!

Watch the full video to see the small changes that Josephine made and to hear more of Yeva's story!

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