pointe shoe fitter's NO CRINGE reaction to ballet tik tok 31

ballerina ballet Ballet TikTok pointe Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts the pointe shop thepointeshop tik tok TikTok

Is the fact that Tik Tok 31 exists...psychopath behavior?

Just kidding, hehe.

We keep making these reactions because they keep getting watched!

And for today, something refreshing: a non-cringe Tik Tok reaction.

It was about time that our favorite pointe shoe fitter got to take a break (especially with a new family member on the way!)

Although, these is one clip that does could be, maybe a little, traumatizing. Pointe shoes without toe pads?! 

Also, what are chux?!

So many questions. So much ballet internet. Enjoy!

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