Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts to Vitoria Bueno on America's Got Talent All Stars 2023

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Y'all flooded our DM's, e-mail inboxes, and tagged us in the mentions - we heard you and delivered. 

This week, Josephine watched a very special performance from America's Got Talent All Stars. 

Vitoria Bueno is from Brazil and was born without arms. Her parents enrolled her in dance when she was young, which began her journey with dance.

Everyone online is buzzing on how beautiful and inspirational her story is, and rightfully so.

But what Josephine brings is the ballet perspective. And WOW!

It's hard enough to dance en pointe with all four limbs. But what people may not realize until they try, is that arms are essential for maintaining balance through movement. Even the simple motion of swinging the arms while walking helps the body move fluidly and safely through space.

Enter, Vitoria. Glowing and stunning in her rhinestone leotard, she captures the stage. She dances en pointe, no arms needed.

This is really one you've got to see for yourself. 

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