Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts to Michelle Khare Ballet (yikes!)

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This week Josephine reacts to Michelle Khare's video "I trained like a ballerina for 6 weeks"!

First thing, Michelle put on a very poorly fitted pair of pointe shoes.... 

Though you should never go on pointe after only training for 6 weeks, we were glad to see that Michelle had hold of the barre while going all the way up in her shoes.

Michelle also described this as "the most painful experience of her life." (Don't ever give birth Michelle LOL). While pointe work will come with a certain amount of discomfort, it should never be excruciatingly painful! When fitted correctly, you should not be feeling any major pain or pressure when in your pointe shoes.

Let us know if there is any other ballet content that you want Josephine to react to!


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