Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts to Liza Koshy

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This week, Josephine got to have some fun with OG YouTube Queen: Liza Koshy.

For those who don't know, Liza is one of the few many consider 'made the jump' from being a 'Youtuber' to the mainstream. In other words, Liza has been able to go from viral internet star, to mainstream media darling. She was recently on the red carpet of the Met Gala, interviewing our favorite stars and celebrities from TV & movies. Even Josephine knows who she is!

And although Liza is no longer self-producing her own YouTube content, we dug up this fun little day of her being hilarious in the ballet context.

We pay homage to the YouTubers who made making regular content 'a thing.' Have some giggles & enjoy! 

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