Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts to LED Ballerinas

It's December, and as a gift to you, we're releasing extra videos on Saturdays! 

To start us off and to celebrate this holiday season, Josephine reacted to a fun and quick video: LED Ballerinas.

With other 10 million views, this fun mashup of Nutcracker. favorites is actually a snippet from an entertainment company for their neon-colored dancers. So basically, you could hire (not sure if you still can?) dancers in these fun costumes for a party.

At least they used actually trained ballerinas - no models doing ballet here! And no pointe shoe crimes committed either! Just the type of wholesome content we love to see, and being kinder to Josephine as the year comes to an end.

Would you wear one of these costumes? How do we feel about the EDM remix of these Nutcracker classics? Be sure to comment to let us konw!

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