pointe shoe fitter reacts to BALLET TIKTOK 32

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Reacting to Ballet Tik Tok...the series that won't quit (thank the pointe shoe gods).

This week, we take a little breather from the Mama Jo series, to take a quick dip into the ballet internet pool.

What's great is that anyone can enjoy ballet content. It's been incredible for platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram to give us all a peek behind the curtain of ballet at all levels. So long are the days of gate kept ballet talent - it's amazing to see dancers all over the world share their journey.

What's your favorite part of ballet tik tok? Not just content - but why do you watch it? Is it for the pointe shoes? The tutus? The music? The beautiful dancing? 

Or perhaps, the amazing act of dancing on your toes to appear ethereal & otherworldly... 

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