Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts to Ballet Tik Toks - Part 11

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Here I am, once again - feeling lost, and now and then.... (comment below if you got that 2000's children's sitcom reference)

Tik Tok 11, y'all.

This is a rare episode of Josephine reacting to ballet tik toks that doesn't include cups.


1 - Perhaps in our chaos, we've been able to put out some neutral good energy out in the universe - and dancers are listening to us and NOT injuring themselves for views. Yay!

2 - Dancers are back in studio and therefore actually dancing and not on Tik Tok (even though we are still amidst a pandemic). How's your summer intensive going?

3 - When we were filming, we realized actually realized that we had enough footage for more than 1 reaction video...

In other words, if you're missing Josephine getting traumatized by the ballet internet, hold on to your boots for Tik Tok 12. It's gonna be a good one.

Also, this video is also special because our producer got a new camera - yay! So those hot cuts to Josephine's face should now be in higher quality, for your viewing pleasure. 


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