pointe shoe fitter reacts to Ballet Tik Toks 34

ballet Ballet TikTok pointe pointe shoe fitter Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts pointe shoe fitting the pointe shop thepointeshop tik tok TikTok

It's that time again...Tik Tok Time!

Can you believe we're on Part 34?! 

The internet has been nicer to us recently. 

If you're subscribed and see our posts on YouTube Community, we did a fun little callback to Cups on April 1st. It was fun while it lasted, but ultimately irresponsible and we're so thankful for such a smart audience.

Now the real question is...what will be the next trend on the Ballet Internet?

Ballet on Ice? Extreme pointe shoe hacks? Will cups make a comeback?

What's your favorite slice of that ballet internet pie?

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