pointe shoe fitter reacts to BALLET TIK TOK 37

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The top voted comment on this video sums it up nicely:

"I'm starting to enjoy these TikTok reaction videos"
Only took 37 videos Josephine
- @PortobelloPink

In this episode of Josephine versus the ballet internet, we touch on the usual topics: pointe shoes, toe stuff, gorgeous dancing, and interesting costumes. 

We also take a moment to listen to Misty Copeland and the fact that she does NOT wear toe pads. She also speaks about "European Pink" - the name of a pointe satin by a certain brand. Copeland has been and continues to be a voice about inclusion and diversity in ballet. This is such an important conversation to have and while we do not want to speak for others' experiences, we support body and racial diversity in ballet, and dance in large.

We have this fun and entertaining platform, and while we often poke fun at ballet, it's also important to hold space for new voices so we can all move forward. 

What do you like about this series?

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