pointe shoe fitter reacts to BALLET TIK TOK 36

Let the catchy piano intro music play!

It's time for our favorite pointe shoe fitter to react to the wild world of Ballet Tik Toks for the 36th time!

What awaits us? New ballet memes, pointe shoe content, and more dancing of course!

We're honestly so surprised and SO GRATEFUL for everyone keeping this series going. When we first started reacting to Ballet Tik Tok, we did NOT think we'd be still going. 

As long as the ballet internet continues, so will we! Little known fact is that Josephine is one of the first creators to make ballet memes on Pinterest and Tumblr. And we'll continue to love ballet, make fun of it, respect it, and obsess over it, forever!

We love ballet and want others too. Ballet and dance in general are for everyone, and we hope we're doing our part in our little corner of the ballet internet to make it more accessible for everyone.

Did we think it would look like reactions to Tik Tok videos? Nope. But are we appreciative and excited for more? Absolutely! 

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