Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts to Ballerina Pole Dancer

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"There's a pole. There's a POLE! I know where we're going with this!"

The title pretty much says it all. 

This week, Josephine reacted to *beautiful* dancer Elena Gibson.

According to her Wikipedia page, Gibson trained in classical ballet at Canada's National Ballet School as a young dancer. She danced professionally with the National Ballet of Canada & Bavarian State Ballet in Germany as well.

In 2000, Gibson suffered injury in a car accident, forcing her to retire from her professional ballet career. This sparked the beginnings of her fusion of ballet, gymnastics and acrobatic with pole dancing.

By 2005, Gibson won Miss Pole Dance UK and was the inaugural Miss Pole Dance World Champion (with her black swan routine!). 

We love to see art forms collide! 

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