Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts to Ballerina DIY Customizations

When you think about it, pointe shoe hacks are actually DIY customizations - dancers take note for your resumés! 

In this episode of Josephine reacts to the ballet internet, we take another look at some popular solutions for pointe shoe problems.

It's a love-hate relationship. On one end, pointe shoes allow dancers to do the impossible: to dance on their toes and appear like they are floating. On the other end, pointe shoes have a human component in their industry, making them inconsistent. It's special and a little annoying. But we love pointe shoes all the same!

Leave it to dancers to think of clever and practical solutions to problem solve. That's part of the beauty of ballet, isn't it? For as old and archaic it came seem, there's always room for improvement and experimentation.

What are your favorite pointe shoe hacks? 

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