Pointe + Ice Skate Hybrid Shoe?!

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Ballet is hard. Figure is skating is hard. Why not put the two together? 

There was a very small, fuzzy clip, of this going around socials. Luckily, we had a viewer who found this extended and slightly better quality clip and emailed it to us. We do see all your suggestions on socials and emails, so keep sending them along - thank you!

What's fascinating is that Darlene Gilbert actually is still alive today! We were able to watch this old time-y, Disney feeling clip to see some behind the scenes of the patent process. Super cool. Even better, was seeing Darlene in her hey day, performing effortlessly on ice. Incredible!

As a treat, Darlene also brought her famous toe skates to some professional figure skaters more recently. What a difference and evolution! So difficult. 

Asking a professional figure skater to go en pointe on dry land would already be a challenge - but on ice? Next level.

Would you try the toe skate???

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