Josephine Fits Herself in Pointe Shoes! (Nikolay 2007 vs. StreamPointe)

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Josephine fits herself for pointe shoes!

When Josephine was dancing, it was very difficult for her to dance en pointe, because her feet are so narrow and compressive that she would just sink in every shoe. UNTIL she was finally fit into the Nikolay (Grishko at the time) 2007. At the time, it was the only shoe of its kind. It is a very narrow and tapered shoe, helping Josephine to stay lifted inside her shoes.

Since then, many other shoes have come out that are similar to the 2007. However, more recently Nikolay came out with a shoe that is a bit different and has its own set of amazing characteristics!

Nikolay's StreamPointe is one of their newest shoes and is much more generous in the box, providing more space in the bunion area of the foot. This shoe was designed for the modern foot, being made on a more flat and wide last.

The StreamPointe is also made with a different type of glue, making it more malleable and easier to roll through.

Additionally, the fabric on the sides of the StreamPointe is cut down a little lower, creating a more flattering line. It has an elastic casing in place of the drawstring, and though this can sometimes cause bagging in the heel of a shoe, that is not the case with the StreamPointe and it hugs the foot beautifully!

Overall, this shoe is very StreamLined ;-)

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