Fitting Miss Auti for Pointe Shoes

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Josephine fits youtuber, Miss Auti!

This week Josephine hung out with Auti Kamal from the Youtube channel, Dance with Miss Auti! Aside from giggling and just having a good time, Josephine helped Auti find a new pair of pointe shoes.

Josephine has fit Auti before, but this time around was a little bit different, because Auti had not been training on pointe for a quite a while. The needs of a dancer when they're coming back to pointe are often different than when a dancer has been training consistently.

Since Auti was dealing with a little bit of sinking, they decided on a more tapered shoe, so that she could have more space in the metatarsals, without widening the platform.

The new shoe also breaks a bit higher, so even though it is a softer shoe, Auti felt much more supported in it.


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