Fitting for Demi Pointe Shoes

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This week, we join Josephine back in Tampa, FL at YAGP Finals. And she's doing something a little different - discussing demi pointe shoes.

Although it is not common in the U.S.A., demi pointe shoes are an intermediary shoe for students preparing for pointe. The outer construction looks pointe shoe like, but there is much less paste in the shoe overall than a pointe shoe, and no shank.

Demi pointe shoes are meant only for practice at the barre, for feet and ankle exercises. Demi pointe shoes should NOT be worn in center because there is simply not enough support to safely keep dancers en pointe. And of course, these shoes should only be practiced in under teacher approval and supervision.

Josephine fit Anne Takahashi (@annetakahashi_balletlove) from Japan for demi pointe shoes. Anne is 11 and in the Pre Competitive division of YAGP, and has not performed or competed en pointe.

Josephine discusses the 3 things she looks for in a demi pointe shoe fitting:

  1. Getting over box and platform
  2. Able to roll through feet
  3. Stable and safe en pointe

Anne is clearly a superstar and checked off all these requirements! We're so excited to see where her ballet career takes her, and especially, to see her en pointe! 

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  • Lexi on

    hi, i was wondering how long do demi pointe shoes last??

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