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Can you believe it's been nearly 3 whole years since our first Tik Tok reaction video?! 

And in that time, lots of trends have come and gone on the ballet internet. 

But there is one type of content, above the others, that still hits:

Pointe Shoe Hacks!

What started out as a ballerina's version of 'get ready with me' has turned into a staple on ballet tik tok and Instagram. 

The cool part is in addition to the yummy tingly ASMR feels, there's also an educational aspect. As pointe shoes have changed over time, so have the ways ballerinas prepared them.

Think of it like a recipe. People have their ways of preparing the same dish, but they each add their own little twists and spices to it according to their liking. Similarly, ballerinas all wear the same type of shoe, but their feet & technique will ask their shoes to do different things. And thus, despite the not-cheap price tag, the internet gets to enjoy the smash, rip, and crumble of pointe shoes.

What was your favorite pointe shoe hack and why?

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