DESTROYING a CUSTOM POINTE SHOE (pointe shoe fitter reacts to Scout Forsythe)

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Everyone knows that professionals da crazy things to their pointe shoes. 

For how graceful ballerinas are, they can be quite violent when it comes to their pointe shoes! 

Josephine reacts to Scout Forsythe -  a beautiful dancer in New York who is actually from Southern California. Fun Fact: Josephine's mom, Grace, used to fit Scout when she was little!

Professional ballerinas can afford to customize and beat up their shoes because the company provides them. While this video is really interesting to see Scout's process, please be advised that these hacks are not for everyone! 

Dancers in training should definitely break down their shoes by dancing in them - which also allows them to get stronger and develop more technique. This protects the shoe and allows it to last a bit longer - and your parents' wallet!

What do you think of Scout's pointe shoe routine? Would you want to do it?!

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