Dancer Breaks Foot En Pointe

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This is a dancer's worst nightmare.

And confirmation of an age old superstition that dancing en pointe will break feet.

Pointe shoes are meant to be a tool to help you dance en pointe. However, the wrong fit can prove harmful.

Injuries and outdated fitting methods are the reason why we exist. To keep dancers safe and dancing for longer.

Josephine discusses the rehab pointe shoe she picked for a dancer who broke several metatarsals, part of her lower leg, and has achilles issues. 

Rehab pointe shoes are not often a dancer's 'forever shoe,' but for the time being, it will help her realign, heal, and continue dancing en pointe. 

If you are experiencing excruciating pain en pointe, ask for help - whether it's your ballet teacher, pointe shoe fitter, or medical professional. 

Ballet is hard, but you should not ruin your body for it.

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