Busting Pointe Shoe Myths

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Come one, come all - let us dispel the many mysterious myths around, you guessed it, pointe shoes!

Over the years, we think we've done a pretty good job at bringing more pointe shoe education to the public. However, there are still some lingering thoughts around pointe shoes that still float around the internet and people's minds in general.

In this video, Josephine goes over 5 common pointe shoe myths & explains why they are not true. The myths include:

1 - Pointe shoes are made out of wood.
2 - Strong feet require strong/hard pointe shoes.
3 - Pointe shoes will ruin your feet.
4 - Pointe shoes have to be customized before being worn.
5 - You have to be a certain age to dance en pointe.

To hear Josephine's full explanations, be sure to watch the full video! And if you have any questions or possible myths about ballet, be sure to comment and let us know!

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