Boys Wear Pointe Shoes??? pointe shoe fitter reacts

ballerina ballet boys ballet pointe pointe shoe fitter Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts

We love boys who do ballet.

But do we love boys who do pointe?

In this episode of 'Pointe Shoe Fitter Reacts,' we scoured the ballet internet for our favorite ballet boys.

And good news - lots of men are dancing en pointe now!

Pointe is for everyone! And though it's been gendered as a skill women mostly accomplish, we love seeing men en pointe. Albeit, possibly a touch annoyed because they are SO good.

Historically, high heels were worn by men of the French court and aristocracy. So even high heels, as common and coded  as 'feminine' as they are today, had its roots as being worn by men. And pointe shoes seem to be following suit, as anyone - with the proper training and fitting of course - can also don a pair of pointey shoes.

What do you think of men en pointe? 


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