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The Balance Lisse is an upgraded version of the European Balance, one of Bloch's most popular pointe shoes that has been around for many years. The European Balance has been beloved by many dancers, as it has a wide, stable platform on the outside, but is slightly tapered on the inside, making in very comfortable and versatile.

The Bloch Balance Lisse is made on a curved last, so the shank will form to the dancer's arch, helping to get over on the platform more easily and increasing the longevity of the shank.

Just like the European Balance, the Lisse has a wide, stable platform on the outside, but it is still tapered on the inside, so even dancers with more tapered or shallow feet can wear this shoe if they are fit in a width narrow enough.

The throat of this pointe shoe is a U-shape with an elastic drawstring.

Though the profile of the Lisse pointe shoe is quite low, there is still a lot of volume inside the box as a whole.

The waist seam of these pointe shoes is a medium height and the heel is slightly higher than the waist, creating a beautiful line to help show off the dancer's feet. The heel in the Balance Lisse is also contoured, fixing the previous protruding heel featured in the European Balance.

Another upgrade that Bloch made from the European Balance is the satin. The satin used on the Balance Lisse is a reinforced satin, meaning that it will not wrinkle as easily as other pointe shoes, contributing to the lovely lines created by this pointe shoe.

One additional adjustment made from earlier models, is that the cushion at the end of the platform comes detached in the Lisse, so dancers can choose to put it in or leave it out.

The Bloch Balance Lisse comes in two shank options: the regular and the enhanced arch. The regular shank is medium to soft, and the enhanced arch is a bit stronger and more supportive.

The sizing in this pointe shoe goes from a 2-10 and the widths come in 1X-4X.

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