Answering The Most Googled Pointe Shoe Questions (google auto complete pt. 2)

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1. What are pointe shoes made of?

A lot of people think pointe shoes are made of wood, but actually they're made of different fabrics and fibers, held together with glue, kind of like paper mache!

There are also some newer shoes on the market which are made out of synthetic materials, such as polymer.

2. What pointe shoes last the longest?

Shoe that are traditionally made will not last as long as those made with synthetic materials. Shoes such as Gaynor Minden and SoDanca Elektra typically last longer than other shoes.

3. What pointe shoes are made for wide feet?

Almost all brands have some models that are suitable for wider feet!

4. What pointe shoes are best for my feet?

That's a loaded question! (and exactly why we created our youtube channel!) Check out all our previous videos to get some insight on what shoes might work for you!

5. Are pointe shoe expensive?

Unfortunately, yes... Each pair of shoes is fairly pricey, but also they have to be replaced pretty often.

6. Are pointe shoes biodegradable?

Yes, traditionally made pointe shoes are! They are made completely out of natural materials.

7. Why were pointe shoes made?

The idea was to make it look as though the dancer was floating on stage!

8. Why darn pointe shoes?

Darning is a way that you stitch around the platform that can help the shoes last longer. It also can create a wider and more flat platform for the dancer to stand on.

9. Are pointe shoes dangerous?

Yes! Because of the position you are standing in, it can be dangerous to dance in pointe shoes. This is why you have to have many years of experience and proper technique in order to go up en pointe!

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