5 Things to do Before a Professional Pointe Shoe Fitting

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There are always questions about how to prepare for a professional pointe shoe fitting. We came up with a few things that will make both our lives easier and fittings much more efficient. Here is your check list!

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5 things to do before for your professional fitting:

1. Make an appointment: Sometimes, we are able to take walk-ins but the wait can be long... Really long... So make sure you call or book your appointment online. This is important especially if you have your own fitter and want to request them specifically (Shout out to my dancers! Love you!). Appointments are anywhere from 15-30 minutes and you want to get there a little early so you're ready when it's your turn.

2. Come prepared: Remember to bring these 3 things: old pointe shoes, your own toe pads, and tights.
Bring your old pair of pointe shoes: How you break your pointe shoes can be a huge indicator of how you dance, your alignment, possible future injuries and ultimately, what we can do to help you dance better. I really really wish we can watch you in class, but we can't, so we need to see how the shoes break in order to help you get closer to your perfect fit.
Bring your own toe pads: Unless you're going to buy a new pair, it's always better to use the ones you have rather than the ones you can borrow. You want to be fitted in the toe pads you will be dancing in so the fit is as close to what you will experience in class and on stage.
Wear your own tights: Again, we want the fit to be as close to what you'll actually be dancing in. So wear your favorite tights to the fitting.

3. Make sure your feet are ready for a fitting: That means, do not  schedule a fitting right after pointe class. Not only because they're smelly (yum), but because they might be tender and swollen so the shoe might fit differently.

4. In love with a shoe? Try another: Unless you have an audition or a show coming up, shake things up once in awhile. Your feet are constantly changing. Not just in shape and sizes, but in strength and flexibility. Finding the right pointe shoes is a moving target. And often times, you will find different shoes are good for different things. Like, you might turn better in one shoe, or balance better in another. Every brand has something special about them. Now is the best time to explore, so don't be afraid to try something new. Because you can always go back. Well, unless your shoe gets discontinued, then that just sucks. Sorry.

5. Remember it's a journey: When you get frustrated with your pointe shoes or your dancing, we understand. Be patient and kind to yourself. Even if it seems like you're the only one struggling, everyone struggles in their own way. If something is bothering you or not working, reach out to us.

We're all dancers too. We've all been there. And we're here to help you through.

Au Revoir xoxo


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