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Pre Professional Program


Professional bound dancers!

*This program is by invitation only*

Avoid the last minute pointe shoe scramble!
If you’re a Pre Professional Dancer that goes through at least one pair of pointe shoes a month,
apply for our monthly pointe shoe delivery.
You will receive 20% off a monthly pointe shoe/accessories shipment. We ship out on the 15th each month

Apply to be Considered for our Program 

What if I need another fitting?
We understand dancers still need to get refitted from time to time. In that case, you can always hold a shipment and come in for a fitting. Due to the small margin on our pointe shoes and the commission we pay our fitters, we will not be able to discount the shoes you are being fitted for. 
What if we don't go through a pair of pointe shoes a month?
If your dancer does not go through at least a pair of pointe shoes a month, you can either stock up until you need a bulk (Summer intensive).