Our Story

In 2011, Josephine Lee opened a dance retail store in Irvine, CA. Shortly after, ballet dancers started to pour in from all around the country in need of pointe shoe fittings.

In 2014, she started ThePointeShop, a mobile pointe shoe store that travels to ballet studios. 

Our professional fitters have all been certified as the highest level fitters in the industry. They have been classically trained in many styles of dance, ranging from pre-professional to professional levels. 

We offer fittings in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma and Virginia.

We are passionate about helping dancers find their perfect fit to reach the highest level in dance. And we believe every dancer going en pointe should be professionally fitted in order to hone their craft safely and effectively.

We’ve been there and we are here for you. Once you shop at The Pointe Shop, we will be behind you throughout your dancing career. Let's build your dream, together.